The Patirotic spirit and soul of Irish music will forever be captured at every Shantys show! The Shantys are an Irish folk and rebel band out of Philadelphia that take pride in keeping alive the musical traditions and songs of our heritage on this side of the Atlantic. The Shantys never work from a formal setlist and always take requests from our audience as they are the rock stars! This makes the Shantys the most fan friendly band in Irisih music today. Stop by for the craic, get up and belt out a few tunes with us or sit back and listen, one way of another you are gauranteed to be entertained. Slainte! 


Here are things people are saying about the Shantys! 


"The Shantys, a three-piece band that performs regularly, played an hour long set on Saturday night.  They performed irish songs led by their flute player.  The spirit of the music was something special.  The lyrics seem to be often about drinking anyway, so it fits.  I have only seen Irish music played in movies before, and it has a nice beat to tap your beer to.  It is a nice break from anything on the radio."  

-----Michael Pechter, Trenton Live music bar scene examiner


"Some of the best times are had with the Shanty's!!"
—  Kevin Walker, Shantys fan, Facebook- the Shantys
"Traditional Rebel Irish Music at it's finest with a deep songbook that will have something for everyone" - Michael Kinney
—  Mickey Fingers- Local AOH Dignitary , Facebook, the Shantys
"The Shantys rock. Great irish music & always a great show"
—  Laura Anne Been, Shantys Fan, Facebook-The Shantys
"Great bunch of laid back guys doin what they love...playing great traditional rebel music to an always rowdy crowd"
—  Casey Doran, Shantys Fan, Facebook- The Shantys
“Very nice to meet you guys last night at McManimon's Pub in Trenton. Thanks for the opportunity to sing with you, it is greatly appreciated! It was great fun, totally unscripted and very intimate without any of the amplification, and well received by all in attendance from what I could tell. Hope to catch you guys again around town.....or maybe in North Wildwood for Irish Weekend! Jimmy Mac”
—  Local Irish tenor- James McIlhenny, Facebook- the Shantys after impromptu pub session in Trenton
“ "Great time this weekend boys! You guys killed it"”
—  Joe Magee from the band "Galway Guild", Facebook-the Shantys irish weekend
“Thanks for an awesome time last weekend fellas! I loved seeing the Shantys on all the "lists 'o fun"!”
—  Rosemarie Fowler, Facebook- The Shantys from Irish weekend